Who is the New Jersey Real Estate Referral Group?

The New Jersey Real Estate Referral Group (NJRERG) is a licensed real estate brokerage firm, serving as principal broker for a vast network of Real Estate Referral Agents in New Jersey. Unlike conventional real estate brokerage firms, NJRERG’s mission is to refer our buyer and seller leads to full-time sales associates who handle the transactions and address all of the customer's real estate-related needs. The associates receiving our agents leads are prepared to deal in a professional manner with all the time-consuming details and intricacies of listing, selling, negotiating and finalizing real estate transactions.

The NJRERG is a network that consists of active real estate licensees who have chosen to direct business to full-time real estate professionals. This means that the members of our network are able to earn commissions and keep their licenses active without themselves providing representation to buyers and sellers in real estate transactions.

Our company's mission is to give associates who choose not to pursue real estate as a full-time career the ability to earn extra income by placing real estate leads with the most professional sales agents in New Jersey. Our company is well-positioned to provide all the support necessary for the successful servicing of prospective buyers and sellers on a referral basis.




Information regarding the 2018 New Jersey Real Estate Referral Agent Category Law Changes


In 2018, the state of New Jersey changed the laws regarding real estate referral licenses. The new law mandates that anyone who wishes to remain a referral agent _must_ hang their license with a _referral only_ office. The New Jersey Real Estate Referral Group is a referral only agency and is fully compliant with these new laws.

To find more information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the August 2018 New Jersey real estate referral law change please follow the link below.

2018 Referral Agent Law Change >>

Leverage Your Network to Create a New Revenue Stream

  Here at the New Jersey Real Estate Referral Group, we know that the best referral partners are those who are active in their businesses and communities. We also know that the most successful real estate referral partners will be those who frequently come across people in a position to buy or sell. For that reason, we partner regularly with Estate and Divorce Lawyers, Home Builders, Financial Planners, and CPAs. But, you don’t need a fancy title or formal education to earn money with us.
Have a large following on Facebook or Instagram?
Own or work for a business where you are constantly interacting with people?
Active within in your community or religious group?
Join the New Jersey Real Estate Referral Group and Start Earning Today!


Commercial Real Estate Referral

  Are you a residential agent whose come across a commercial real estate lead, but turned it away because it was outside your area of expertise? Rather than missing the opportunity, refer that lead to NJRERG and we will place it with a Top Rated Commercial Real Estate Agent. Should our agent close the lead, we will pay YOU up to 25% of the gross commission as a referral fee.

Are you a commercial agent whose leaving the industry or retiring, but still looking to profit from your database? Earn money by referring clients to our experienced commercial brokers or maintain control and select an agent you trust. Either way, you can still get paid for referring commercial real estate leads!

Find out more about our Commercial Referral Division >>

Do Not Let Your Real Estate License Go to Waste!

The state of New Jersey will hold an expired real estate license for two years from its expiration date. If you do not reinstated your real estate license during this time it will no longer be valid. Do not waste the time and money spent obtaining your license! Transfer it and join the New Jersey Real Estate Referral Group today!


Benefits of hanging your license with the
New Jersey Real Estate Referral Group

  1.) Your license stays active, even if you move out of state.
  2.) You do not need to pay multiple listing fees, Realtor dues, or errors & omissions insurance fees.
  3.) There is only a nominal yearly membership fee! Plus this fee can be waived if you refer 1 completed transaction in the previous year.
  4.) More commission money. We are offering our agents up to 90% of the gross referral fee taken in by the NJRERG for your referrals.
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